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2015 Leopard 44 Catamaran

Eileen and I searched Leopard catamarans only  because they represent a combination of blue water cruising capabilities with production efficiencies.  In other words, they were a good affordable catamaran to sail around the world.  As proof of their seaworthiness, most have been delivered to their owners by sea from Cape Town, South Africa either by their owners or delivery captain.

Check out our Leopard catamaran's video below for specifics on why we chose the Leopard 44 and in the process learn more about the rest of their line.

One of the reasons we LOVE and chose the 2015 year was because not only did it win both the 2012 Sail Magazine and Cruising World "Best Boat" award, but it was also the first year of only two years (2015 & 2016) out of seven years total that the Leopard 44 was made which incorporates the new modern sophisticated, yet casual light gray aged driftwood interior which is now standard on all Leopard catamarans which is inspired by Restoration Hardwares sophisticated modern, yet casual neutral shaded gray color pallet.  Also special, as shown below, is the generous use of LED lighting which makes the salon below sparkly, dazzling and uplifting as well as easy on the energy being supplied by DC power.   

From talking with Moorings / Sunsail St. Lucia base long term employed technicians, I discovered the following from beloved senior maintenance manager of 35 years referred by his nickname"Small Change" who says that their company used have a lot of Lagoons in the fleet but switched to Leopards almost exclusively because of their improved build quality and performance.  


our 4 Cabin Layout

Boat of the Year 2012.gif
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