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Animals, Exploration and a Visitor

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

This past week has been amazing. We were on a tight schedule to get down to Georgetown to pick up Brown's daughter, Marston at the airport but we made it! We anchored at Rat Cay and befriended a small octopus living in a gorgeous jar (one that I tried to nab for Brown's rosemary plant before I knew that it was already occupied!). I visited him daily and took a lot of video of him, leaving my camera outside his glass home.

After picking up Marston, we headed North to Pipe Cay, our favorite anchorage in the Exumas. We sailed the whole way with the parasail. It was literally idyllic. Pipe Cay is simply gorgeous in every way. We enjoyed exploring uninhabited islands, swimming with rays and eagle rays. The crystal blue water of 50 different shades was so soothing. We even had dinner on a 62' custom boat, making homemade pizzas in their PIZZA OVEN!!! Life can be grand on the water!

Four days later, we dropped anchor at Staniel Cay and took Marston to see the pigs. But, the pigs were overrun by literally 100 tourists. The 50+ pigs were restless and begged for food from every new tourist arriving by dinghy. We explored some more islands, did some snorkeling, visited the nurse sharks in the harbor, and walked around the small town at Staniel Cay.

This morning we motored down to Little Farmer's Cay and dropped anchor NW of the airport. We went to Oven Cay to climb to the cave and instead jumped in the water to play with a couple of massive eagle rays. They were spectacular. The cave was amazing too as was the natural harbor on the Atlantic side.

Leopard 44 Catamaran Anchored off Farmer's Cay Bahamas
Swimming Pool Conditions off Runway at Farmer's Cay

Tomorrow we will head back to Georgetown to hunker down for the big blow forecasted for Saturday night-Monday. And, we will say goodbye to Marston on Tuesday.

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