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Greetings From Cayos Cochinos, Honduras

Greetings from Honduras as well as probably one of our favorite anchorages since we started cruising. We're so excited about sharing it with you!


We are loving our stay at this very special, little traveled to national marine park in Honduras! Christopher Columbus stopped here (Where hasn’t he stopped??) and left dozens of pigs on the island to propagate, the reason for its name, Pig Island (Spanish: Cayos Cochinos). Today, the island has no resident pigs, but it does have unique creatures like glow in the dark scorpions, pink and albino boa constrictors, and great bird life. We are only 10NM from the mainland, but you would think that we were in the middle of the ocean. It’s quiet and peaceful here with very little boat traffic.

It's essential that your boat is totally self sufficient if you'd like to stay awhile because there's no where to plug in for electrical or buy water or groceries. If you'd like fish And lobster, you need to catch it yourself and thankfully there's an abundance.

Our favorite thing to do at the end of the day is watch the sunset behind the beautiful Honduran mountains. The only people we see are the park rangers and the Garifuna fishermen. We are so thankful for a perpetual, weak mobile signal which gets stronger as we climb higher on the boat! (The things we do as sailors! HA!) We might have to go up the mast to make our Christmas Day calls! Hopefully, this connection issue will be resolved with the arrival of Musk’s Starlink.


Every day, after boat work, we go snorkeling, diving or exploring with our friends Juergen and Heidi on s/v Valentin. They are the perfect adventure buddies for us! The girls spot fish and lobsters and the boys kill them. We have caught and grilled up a dog fish snapper, 4 lobsters and 1 black grouper. We have eaten well! Earlier this week, we said goodbye to Juergen and Heidi who had to return to Roatan to renew their visas, but we stayed and had the anchorage all to ourselves.

An American couple just arrived, fractional owners of a beautiful house on the island, so we have been hiking and diving with them. It’s been fun to hear their story and more about the island. Here's a view of our boat's in the bay at sunset from their house.


For the whole story, check out our Cayos Cochinos video . . .

Thanks for taking the time to read and please share and make comments. See you next week!

Lots of love,

Eileen and Brown

s/v Sailing Blown Away

"Proceed as if success is inevitable."

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