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Cleaning and Protecting Sunbrella Marine Canvas Fabric Using 303 Fabric Guard

Major Challenge Using Outdoor Sunbrella Fabric

If you have outdoor furniture or boat with cushions made from Sunbrella outdoor fabric, your main challenge is going to be keeping them clean and it's not the fabrics faul, it's the build up of dirt and moisture tat causes the dreaded black mildew mold growth. In fact, the reason why high performance Sunbrella is so expensive is due to its advanced 100% acrylic yarn composition which contributes to its comfort, longevity and clean ability so don't blame the dirt on the fabric! The purpose of this post is improve your life by showing you how to clean outdoor fabric, cushions and awnings effectively in the least amount of time using common household ingredients.


  • entire process takes about 10 - 15 minutes per cushion.

Step 1

Outside in the sun, thoroughly wet cushions with water and spray on Sunbrella Recommend Cleaning Formula (link below) while gently scrubbing with a medium stiffness bristle dish brush. Let sit in the sun for 15+ minutes while the chemical works and you start work on other cushions. Sunbrella Cleaning Formula:

Step 2

Here's the trick to tackling the tough stains - if necessary

Wash off dirt from step 1 cushion process. Next spray Blown Away Special Touch Up Formula Recipe (see below) on remaining tough mildew, dirt and grease stains and rub in with a brush and let sit in the sun for 15+ minutes. Rinse with fresh, clean water.

Blown Away Special Touch Up Formula Recipe 

50% Common Household Bleach / 50% Water.

PRO TIP - substitute some of the water with full strength degreaser for EXTRA cleaning power. Use 50% Common Household Bleach / 10% Full Strength Degreaser / 40% Water.

Once Cleaned, How Do I Protect Fabric, Cushions and Awnings?

Because of the time and effort required in cleaning, many choose to use the aftermarket protection 303 Fabric Guard recommended by Sunbrella to retard and prevent future soiling. Is this worth the extra time and expense?

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