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Marine Diesel Fuel System Tank - Contamination & Corrosion Cause & Effect - Detailed Explanation

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

July 30, 2022

Diesel fuel tank system contamination is a BIG PROBLEM; however, very few people understand it because the unintuitive cause is complicated and its effects are mostly hidden from sight in the tanks. "Out of sight, out of mind", right? Or at least until there is a problem and then all hands on deck.

Watch Video for Complete In Depth Cause & Effect

Why Are We Writing this Blog and Making These Videos?

Our 2015 Leopard 44 catamaran has been profoundly effected by both disruptive and expensive damage caused by microbially induced corrosion (MIC) which has been and we hope that with the knowledge presented in this and future videos that you will help you both diagnose and fix the any issues caused by MIC and most importantly keep it from ever happening.

Leaking Fuel Tanks are Disruptive, Expensive and Unsafe
Our Shock When We Discovered Leaking Fuel Tanks!

Please Take Our Poll - Add to Our Knowledge Base

If you’re a own a boat with a diesel engine, please share issues you’ve had, or not, with MIC in the following poll. Feel free to select more than one answer and comment further below or on our our featured video.

Boaters - What Type of Diesel Fuel Contamination Have You Experienced?

  • Engine will not start because of dirty fuel filter.

  • Engine performance reduction / less than optimal.

  • Water and microbial slime forming bacteria in fuel sample.

  • Leaking fuel tanks due to MIC corrosion.

You can vote for more than one answer.


If your boat's fuel tanks are currently leaking diesel fuel, no matter how small the amount, this needs to be stopped immediately as the force from a wave under passage combined with the weight of freshly filled tanks, could knock out a plug of corrosion, filling your bilge full of diesel fuel and putting your boat and lives at risk.


Many Causes of Corrosion

Before you can understand what is wrong with your fuel tanks, you must first understand the causes of corrosion. Our video will cover in detail the following topics in depth.

Each Cause of Corrosion is Explained in Depth
Four Major Causes of Diesel Fuel Tank Corrosion

Short vs. Long Term Thinking

Learn the important difference between the two of these and how one can harm you.

How Short Term Thinking Can Cause Corrosion
What's the Difference in Short and Long Term Thinking?

Fuel Tank Enemy #1

Learn how this one can really mess you up!

Enemy #1 is Alive, Well and Everywhere!

Microbial Induced Corrosion Life Cycle - 6 Stages of Development

We will study these in depth in the video.

Algae, Biocide and Fuel Polishing Myths

A myth is something false that has been treated as truth for so long, that most people now believe it to be true. Find out how these are misunderstood and are often merely temporary solutions that never get to the root origin of the problem.

Galvanic Corrosion Can Put a Hole in Your Fuel Tank!

Here is how . . .

Galvanic Corrosion Details.
Fuel Tanks Galvanic Corrosion Process

The is GOOD NEWS! Stay Tuned for Upcoming Corrosion and MIC Prevention Solution Video.


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