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Passage from Isla Providencia to Bocas Del Toro, Panama

Critical Passage Timing Decision

We left beautiful Providencia after just a few days to take advantage of a short, favorable three-day weather window to Bocas Del Toro, Panama, where we will remain for a year until we make a run for our lifelong dream - French Polynesia via the Coconut Milk Run. Cruising and passage planning are all about gathering data and making decisions, so if we missed this brief opportunity, we would be stuck in neighboring Isla St. Andres, Colombia for at least two weeks due to the forecasted high winds. This would have prevented crew members, Paul and Linda from spiking the ball upon completion of our planned epic Honduras to Panama passage. We wanted to honor that original goal, otherwise we probably would have stayed. Regardless of missing this remote tropical destination, it's unrealistic to feel like you have to go everywhere especially when your plan is to slowly circumnavigate.

Providencia to Bocas Del Toro - 253 NM = 46 Hours

last night Isla Providencia sunset

Fish 1 of 2

Mahi Mahi catch, filet and celebration

Congratulations to Admiral Eileen for reeling this one in! Mahi Mahi is a magnificent fish and one of our favorites and this one we caught on a hand line attached to one of our cleats. The great thing is that you just never know what or when you're going to catch something; however, the best times to fish are at dawn and dusk, and this one was caught close to sunset.

Somewhat Smooth Sailing / Motoring

(left) downwind sailing with our Oxley (center) late night at helm (right) Panama check in and flag

Day 1 and 2 were smooth sailing averaging between 6.5 - 7 knots. We flew the jib (head sail) only on the second night because of squall concerns and the sea state was rather bouncy. Wind totally died at daybreak and we motored safely to our destination with one engine to conserve fuel, with a swimming pool sea state.

Buddy Paul Wrap Up Feast / Passage Celebration

(left) Paul and me (center and right) celebratory steaks purchased in Honduras.

Eileen and I are so grateful for the help, patience and companionship of Paul and Linda on this multi-phased, complicated passage. All of our experiences and sailing resumes have benefited greatly from each other's company. Most of all we appreciate the extra sleep! 🤣🤣🤣.

Paul and I enjoyed a couple of monster-sized grilled steaks just like after our Guatemala passage completion celebration, but thankfully this time without all of the mayflies.

Join us next week as we share with you the recipe on how to make Eileen's favorite food of all time!

May your adventures abound!

Eileen and Brown

s/v Sailing Blown Away

"Proceed as if success is inevitable."

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